Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stars Game

Monster seats from "Tickets Now" the 2nd hand site from Ticketmaster.

Row G.... 7 rows up from the glass, right by the face off spot.

Here are some shitty pics from the iPhone, also known as the 3rd fucking time I forgot my good camera. Why did I even buy the damn thing?

Closeup of a face off.  Great seats. fun to type as it is to say.
Hot fan in front of us.  She's a Avs fan.  I'm ok with that.
This was the game winning save.
Can't remember if the Stars scored or not.
The Ice Girls.  If you look closely, the ice is melting.  If you look closer, by brother's got his camera phone out too.  We missed getting a picture of the hot brunette.
Roosters on Ice...
Another shot of the faceoff. 
Who is that sexy guy?

Here's the last know picture of me and my Aggie Ring. MIA 12/6/2008

Snuck into the locker room to sneak a pic.  at&t was kind enough to sponsor it.

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