Thursday, February 22, 2007

Recently Added Playlist

Keep an eye out for the new Arcade Fire "Neon Bible". It's the follow up to the first cd "Funeral", which quickly became one of my all time favorites. Yea, I thought it was that good.
The cd has leaked (all 11 songs) and they sound great. While I don't think they've surpased their previous effort, this is a worthy follow up and there is no "sophomore slump". The pipe organ is a nice touch, and it doesn't sound goth at all. After 2-3 "spins" there's a few songs that stand out. Keep the motor running reminds me immediately of National Lampoon's Vacation. Hell, the very last song "My Body is a Cage" is one that I innitially didn't like, but found it stuck in my head when I woke up. Strange.

Anyway, the cd is due March 6. I'm picking it up. Day 1 purchase.

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