Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2 Quick Thoughts

From this morning's train ride to work.

Hey greying balding old guy wearing kahki cargo pants and riding a souped up razor scooter. Really? A Razor scooter? What the hell is this, high school 1998? Thanks for the laugh buddy.

Hey fat girl, come are you ticklish? Yea I called you fat...(alright enough of the song) have to turn sideways to go down steps. What the hell is that? I wouldn't minde, but you did it in slo fraking motion. Jeez, pick up the pace already. I've seen this happen a few times before. Sometimes that person, actually they are usually women, is older although that wasn't the case this morning. You know, I think I figured out the ultimate test to decide if your fat, and I mean fat as not in the good way. When you have to go down steps 1 at a time, sideways, you got problems. I wouldn't be soo mad, if she didn't stop outside the door and continue to block everybody's path.

EDIT: I "drafted this yesterday, just to get it off my chest. Today, although I feel a little bad, I'm posting it anyway.

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