Thursday, November 20, 2008

Selling stuff on Ebay...

Exciting Stuff.

Here's a LINK to my first item I'm trying to sell on Ebay. 120 GB Hard Drive for the 360.

Started it last night at $.99 (not sure that was a good move as it was the default) and it's moving up pretty quickly.

Editors Note: Ended up selling for $145.50. Not too bad. Now I'm waiting for his "e-check" to clear before I send it.

Started my next auction...same item, soon after it ended. Going good soo far. Had some pretty dumb questions though. If I say I only ship to the US on the auction, why do you email me asking if I will ship to Brazil? I may do it, but outrageously overcharge him, just on principle. The "buy it now" price is pretty prominent on there, why do you email me asking how much it is? Bah....must be new to Ebay.

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