Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Read a pretty good article in SI today, (yea the magazine....yea they still have that, if only for the swimsuit issue but still) and it had a pretty sweet article on dunking (basketball, not your mom). Linky Here (which brings me to another point...why do I subscribe again?)

Still, there's a great shot of a Vince Carter jam in the olympics that I have not seen until then...er now....whatever tense it's suppossed to be in. I think it's bloody fantastic! (bloody? what the hell are you British now?)

The aftermath of that dunk is arguably better than the dunk itself.

Carter first garnered national attention for his high-flying brand of play during his three years at North Carolina. NBA renown came with his novel "elbow dunk" to clinch victory in the 2000 dunk contest. But international acclaim would follow months later during America's run to the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics, where his eye-popping dunk over French 7-footer Frédéric Weis became known worldwide as le dunk de la mort ("the dunk of death").

How fucking awesome is that? The whole country made fun of that guy, which is really bad since the French themselves are the ass of many jokes (you see what I did there?). To be the ass of the jokes by the people that are constantly picked on...well there's not much worse than that.

Here's another dunk they mention in the article....Baron Davis dunk over Kirilenko in the 07 playoffs. Nasty.

Go HERE for more sweet dunks...all linked in one place. Nice job.

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