Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Hotness Update

Which means Cobie's days are done. Funny thing is, while she's pretty hot on How I Met Your Mother, not alot of pictures online showing her full hotness. So unfortunately, I leave you with the one I have been using on the blog for way too long.

Oh, yea I promise to finish up the multiple blog drafts I have going right now that contain a little substance and aren't just You Tube videos, funny pictures and football talk (although I do have to bitch about Fran sucking ass in the Holiday Bowl. I've also got to talk about the loot I got for Christmas as well as the fun New Years Eve Party we went too.
....Hell, I still have blogs about Thanksgiving to finish up. Damn, lots to catch up on. Hope to be caught up by th end of the month.

Until then....

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