Thursday, June 22, 2006

Heeeellllllllloooooooooo! La La La

Hello everybody. Today I finally came up with a name for my blog, which was shamelessly stolen from a Quentin Tarantino movie. How's that for irony eh?
I've been blogging for a while on myspace, and I wanted to move them over to a more dedicated site, cause myspace seems to have all kinds of problems with it. I may also move over some of my earlier posts, just so that they're here as well.

I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with this blog though. I'll probably just ramble on about what I do, or what I play. I'll probably do a little venting here. Maybe it's interesting, maybe not. I do know that lately, I like to practice writing.

One thing I do know, is that everybody likes to waste time at work, so why not here?

So check in from time to time, and have a glass of Piss Warm Chango, cause that's all I serve here.

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